Jan 14, 2010

So You Want To Know About … Me.

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    Writing about myself is always the hardest assignment that I get. KirstenYou’d think, considering how many times I’ve had to do it, that it would be easy by now. It’s not. I think, like many people, I just would rather talk about anything but myself. However, here we go!

closeup     My name is Kirsten and I’m from Fort Wayne, but I’m living in Indianapolis until May. I started in the SLIS program last January and I’m going to be graduating in May. This is my last semester. (GO ME!!!) I’m also a part of Indiana's Librarians Leading in Diversity (I-LLID) Project. I’m not married. I have three brothers and we’re all addicted to action movies like Ninja Assassin! I blame them.  I don’t have any children (though I consider all of the children in my family mine :D )and I’m on leave from the library back home (The Allen County Public Library).

     Like most people in the program I enjoy reading. I’ve loved it ever sinceRaggedy Kirsten I figured out in Kindergarten that letters could be put together into words that meant something. When I would get in trouble my mother would make me pack up all of my books in this little suitcase I had and then she’d put it in her room and make me go outside and play as my punishment. It drove me crazy because all I wanted to do was be inside reading. That’s kind of been a theme in my life. Everyone has a place that makes them comfortable and is “The Place” that they go when they have a bad day, a sort of secret place. Mine is not really a secret. I love the library and find myself there without even realizing I’ve gone there at times.

new years     As for my reading world, I like to think that I read some of everything. I tend not to read much nonfiction however. I like my leisure reading to be as entertaining as the movies I like to watch so I tend to steer away from  nonfiction unless it is about a particular topic that has caught my interest. I plan to work with teens so the majority of the material that I read is teen oriented and I love it all. Teen books are like a combination of children and adult novels. You get all of the action and pace of a children’s book with the plot and detail of an adult book.

     I do read adult books too (not that you’d always be able to catnhattell just by looking in my bag). I have always been a huge Sci-Fi/Fantasy junkie. It doesn’t matter what age the book is written for. Some of my favorite authors include Lois McMaster Bujold, Terry Pratchett, Anne McCaffrey, Tamora Pierce, Elizabeth Moon. I’m also a huge fan of what I like to call Comedic Romance Novels such as those written by Janet Evanovich and Jennifer Crusie. If it makes me laugh it can’t possibly be bad! My reading tends to run in phases. There will be months where all I read is teenage spy fiction and months where all I read is strict adult sci-fi or romance novels. It all depends on what moods hit me when. I’m starting to enjoy more mysteries. 

Princess Kirsten    That is pretty much my reading world as of this moment. It is fluid and very much subject to change from day to day and moment to moment depending on what I’m feeling and what piques my interest.


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