Apr 30, 2010

The Mystery of Crafting a Booklist About Crafting Mysteries!

Posted by Kirsten at 4/30/2010 12:15:00 PM

For my lab I chose to create a booklist. My first step was to find a library to create a list for so I phoned the manager at one of the branches at home to see if she would I could create my list for her branch. Her answer, of course was “Sure, why not”. This, of course, was the easy part of the assignment.

The next step was to brainstorm a topic for the list. Of course, since the branch didn’t need a book list, but was willing to take one if I created it, the topic was really up to me. So I began thinking about what programs are offered for adults at the branch and what types of displays I had seen set up at the branch. They have a crafting circle that meets once a month but the numbers of attendees is not always very high. I decided to create a list of crafty fiction which I later narrowed down to crafting mysteries in order to create a cohesive handout.  Then I ran into a bit of an obstacle because I wanted to do something super creative like making a wiki or website that could be easily accessible through the internet and simple to update later. Unfortunately the branch manager pointed out  to me that if I used any of those formats then someone on staff would have to update them periodically and that they just did not have the man power/ time imageto regularly keep the list updated. She decided that what they really wanted was a list that they could keep behind their reference desk so that they could reference it when questions about the topic arose from their patrons.

I did create a basic list for them that they could keep behind the desk and made a point to color the copies that they are supposed to own within their branch a different color so that they would know what they are supposed to have and what would have to be on hold for a patron. Although she only wanted the “behind the desk list”,, for the purposes of this assignment I created a list that could be printed and put out for patrons anyway. Here’s the list I created for patrons to see. I used reviews from both Goodreads and Amazon in order to write my own annotations for each book. image

I began thinking of ways that the list could possibly be used in the library to increase attendance at the crafting circle program. There is a glass covered cabinet in the library’s entranceway that is used for displays as well as a bookshelf inside the library that is used to display books. the entrance hall cabinet has been used to display craft related books before so my idea is to create a crafting centered display for either one or both areas. The entrance hall display can include actual samples of items made while crafting. Then the list can be placed out as part of the display so that patrons who are looking for something to read and have an interest in various types of crafting can see what is available. The list can also be placed out for patrons when any display of mysteries is created. It can be given out to individual patrons who show an interest as well. hopefully, a display that promotes crafting of any type will interest more patrons in the crafting circle and in a roundabout way increase the numbers of patrons attending the crafting circle programs!


The finished handout is available to the class on Oncourse.


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