Sep 4, 2010

Legacy of a Vampire Hunter

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What would you do if you had the same name as a legendary vampire hunter? Not much, other than be annoyed, especially when your father is adamant about the idea that all that supernatural stuff is fiction. Well now imagine that you’ve been sent away to boarding  school and you find out that not only was the legendary vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing real, but that you are his descendant, your father used to be a hunter and now the vampires know who you are and are determined to get you.  That’s what happens in Jason Henderson’s book “Alex Van Helsing”. alex-van-helsing

Alex Van Helsing is 14 when he is sent to a boarding school at the Glenarvon Academy in Switzerland near Lake Geneva.  Unfortunately for Alex, who doesn’t believe in the supernatural, he is very much a descendant of that  Van Helsing and his new school is not the only school located in close proximity to Lake Geneva. The Scholomance, a boarding school fro vampires, is hidden near the lake. A deadly vampire clan lord known only as Icemaker is at the Scholomance and has dangerous plans that will destr5oy Alex and his friends in the process.

Toss in a secret society of vampire hunters, that Alex’s father conveniently forgot to mention to him,  and a couple of friends for moral support and it’s up to Alex to stop The Icemaker and save the day. Using

Action, magic, vampires, and an abundance of clever modern gadgets are everywhere in this book. Its like reading Alex Rider mixed with the supernatural. The pace never lets up and I hope a sequel is in the works!


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