Jan 8, 2012

So Many Books, So Little Time….

Posted by Kirsten at 1/08/2012 03:58:00 PM

There are so many books that I’d like to read. If only I had the time to sit down and read them all. Unfortunately, like the rest of the world, I have both a  life and  a job, so no time to read everything. Thank goodness for Goodreads or I’d never be able to keep track of all the ones I’m planning to get to! Here are a few of the ones I’m either currently reading or planning to get started on soon! Titles lead to book info. Names lead to author info. I’ll report back once I’ve finished reading them!



Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby

Emma is a Fairy Slayer? Need I say more? REALLY? Ok, then if that’s not enough to get you to read it then listen to this quote form the back of the book “How hard could it be, right? Wrong! These menacing beasts with their tiny hipster clothes and mocking sarcasm…” How can you not read a book with that in the description?



Cloaked by Alex Flinn

“It all started with the curse. And the frognapping. And one hot-looking princess, who asked me to lead a rescue mission.” That’s what the book cover tells us. A fairy tale brought into modern times starring a completely normal guy working in a shoe repair shop so he could help out at home, and then BAM! magic comes along! Again, how can you not want to read this?


imageThe anti-prom by Abby McDonald

The popular girl, the bad girl and the shy, studious, über-planner all get together and team up for a night of revenge, rebellion and romance. There are things you just don’t mess with when girls are involved. Prom is definitely up there on the list! I can’t wait to read this one, so I’m going to listen to the audio book version!



Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich & Dorien Kelly

I haven't read any of Dorien Kelly’s books before, but I have to admit that I’m an UBER FAN of Janet Evanovich and have read every book she’s ever written that I can get my hands on and probably always will. I love her sense of humor so writing with her is, in my opinion, a good choice. If I like this book, which I do so far, I’ll probably be looking into Dorien Kelly’s books.

Anyway, about the book. You’ve got Kate Appleton trying to renovate her parents old house The Nutshell into a Bed and Breakfast all while trying to pay back the mortgage and Matt Culhane who’s trying to find a saboteur in his restaurant and microbrewery.  So OF COURSE Matt hire’s Kate to help him out. Between her house, the saboteur and the sexual tension, things are bound to be exciting!!!


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