Dec 13, 2012

Dark Star by Bethany Frenette

Posted by Kirsten at 12/13/2012 12:05:00 PM

Super hero mom?


Mom’s super powered Sidekick who doesn’t like being called a sidekick?


Your own super powers even though they’re not as awesome as your mom’s?


A best friend that always has your back?


Finding out your mom doesn’t fight crime but actually fights demons and the only thing standing between the safety of your family and city and destruction?

Check! Wait what?

Audrey Whitticomb should be the safest person in Minneapolis what with her superhero mom, Leon the teleporting sidekick and a best friend that rocks. When she finds out that her mom aka Morning Star fights Harrowers “livid, merciless beings who were trapped Beneath eons ago”. They’ve escaped from beneath and they want Audrey dead. To survive she’ll need to practice the power she has and try to stay a step ahead of the Harrowers.  It’s up to her to use everything she’s got to save her family and her city!

I’m only half way through this book right now and I have to say, I really like it. I may not be a teen anymore but I can totally identify with Audrey and her not so regular problems. The twists that pop up with the people around her catch me every time with a “Wait? What? OMG!” I’d say give it a try. It’s not your everyday girl in distress story and that’s a big draw. Audrey knows she’s not some damsel in distress and if she can just prove it to everyone else (and a bit to herself) you just know she’s going to kick ass!


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